Mary Ann Moran

Prominent American researcher gave lecture at Linnaeus University

On Tuesday, September 25, Linnaeus University was visited by Mary Ann Moran, professor of marine microbiology. Moran gave a lecture on the role of phytoplankton and bacteria in carbon and nutrient cycles in oceans and the progress being made within analysis of these.

The lecture is part of the Wenner-Gren foundations' Distinguished Lectures where particularly prominent researchers are invited to give a number of lectures in Sweden. This year's Distinguished Lecture was the first time a proposal from one of the smaller universities has been chosen.

Jarone Pinhassi, research manager at Linnaeus University's cutting-edge research centre Ecology and Evolution in Microbial model Systems (EEMiS) was the one who presented the proposal.

"It feels great that we got to welcome a prominent researcher like Mary Ann Moran to Linnaeus University. She's a pioneer within the field and we are happy to take part of her research", says Pinhassi.

Professor Mary Ann Moran is an internationally prominent researcher within marine microbiology at University of Georgia, USA. She studies microbes and the role of bacteria in carbon and nutrient cycles in oceans. She is also a pioneer within analysis of the oceans' micriobiota.

Some 40 curious persons came to listen and ask questions to Moran who talked about her research and presented analyses of the changes to bacteria's gene expressions that have been discovered through her studies.

Jarone Pinhassi has worked with Mary Ann Moran in the US earlier and this is what gave him the idea to invite her. Moran's work in the northeastern part of the Pacific Ocean is of high relevance to the research carried out at EEMiS.