SITE researchers publish new book on transnational curriculum standards and classroom practices

Ninni Wahlström and Daniel Sundberg have published a new book on "Transnational curriculum standards and classroom practices – the new meaning of teaching" (Routledge).

The book's focus can be summarised as follows: "Focusing on the meaning of teaching, Transnational Curriculum Standards and Classroom Practices contributes to a deepened understanding of what it means to be a teacher in an institutional context ranked high on the policymakers' agenda. While the policy literature emphasises efficiency in teaching, educational research demonstrates an awareness of the importance of alternative perspectives on what makes for successful teaching. This book critically examines the conditions and dimensions of teaching as framed in current policy discourse and situates school education in relation to wider societal issues.

Based on a four-year research project financed by the Swedish Research Council and drawing on international policy discourse, as well as international research, the chapters in this book contribute to the knowledge of relations and influences between international educational reform movements, national curriculum reforms, and implications for teaching and learning practices at the classroom level. Offering results and reflections from comprehensive comparative classroom studies, the book makes a distinctive contribution to our knowledge of the implications of policy for teachers and students.

This book should be essential reading for academics, researchers and postgraduate students interested in the relationship between the curriculum and teaching in a contemporary context, as well as those engaged in the study of education policy, curriculum theory, pedagogy and educational leadership. It should also be of great interest to policymakers and teachers." Besides Ninni Wahlström and Daniel Sundberg, also Gabriella Höstfält, Catarina Schmidt, Marianne Skoog, Carl-Henrik Adolfsson and Daniel Alvunger contributed with chapters. read more abot the book here