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Special issue in the journal of curriculum studies published

Ninni Wahlström, Daniel Alvunger and Wieland Wermke published a Special Issue in the Journal of Curriculum Studies with the title “Living in an Era of Comparisons: Comparative Research on Policy, Curriculum and Teaching”.

"The articles in this special issue include different perspectives on comparative policy studies with an aim to understand transnational education policies in relation to the logic of national educational systems and to grasp the ongoing reframing of teacher identity and teaching as a result of the policy activities of 'new' and coordinated international actors. This special issue aims to contribute to a continued qualified investigation in curriculum issues at the various levels within the public education system, as well as in the international policy movements, affecting public education differently in different nations. A 'comparative curriculum research' inspired by theories and methods from comparative education might be helpful in this endeavour" (Wahlström, Alvunger & Wermke, 2018).

The articles are based on papers presented at the second conference on the theme of 'Teachers matter', Teachers Matter—but Where, When and Why?, arranged by the Linnaeus University in May, 2017, with financial support from the Swedish Research Council. The first conference, Teachers Matter—but How? in 2014 is reported in a special issue in Journal of Curriculum Studies 49(1) and in the book Teachers Matter—but How? (Routledge 2018).