Subrat Sahoo

Subrat Sahoo combines research at Linnaeus University and ABB with funding from Vinnova

Subrat Sahoo works with research at ABB in Västerås but now also spends one week a month at Linnaeus University. The purpose is knowledge exchange and strengthening the expertise for both industry and academy. The collaboration is made possible through funding from Vinnova’s programme ”Mobility for growth”.

Subrat is currently working as a senior researcher at ABB Corporate Research in Västerås. He has developed monitoring solutions in the areas of power system diagnostics, aimed at transmission and distribution voltage levels.

He emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of the knowledge both in industry and the academy:

– Due to the recent advent of power system modernization efforts around the world, information science plays an important role for solutions of power system dynamics as well as converging the operational technology (OT) with information technology (IT). At the same time, it adds further challenges in dealing with the reliability and availability of the system. Therefore, a combination of information and data science joined together with electric power domain knowledge can help tackle the ensuing problems applicable to the Cyber-physical systems, says Subrat.

Subrat spends 20% of his work time towards the mobility project and works at Linnaeus University one week per month. The purpose is to, with help from researchers and faculty members, define research problems to benefit both the industry and academy. He hopes that, besides contributing with his expertise, his efforts also can help preparing new applications for graduate fellowships, and co-supervision of the incumbent students.

Subrat is engaged in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). As a senior member he has reviewed several journals and contributed to various technical and reference committees in IEEE conferences. He is also actively involved in several university collaborations within and outside Europe.

Vinnova’s programme “Mobility for growth” can be applied by both industry and academia researchers to spend part of their time in a host organization to foster collaboration and mutually strengthen the expertise they bring in to the partner institutes. More details are available at the Vinnova website.