Natasha Asimiadis and Diana Unander blowing the one-year candle

The female IT network WiTech celebrates one year

In 2017, Natasha Asimiadis at Sigma Technology Solutions and Diana Unander at Linnaeus University launched the WiTech network for women in the IT industry. One year later, WiTech has grown from 0 to 200 active members.

“A year ago, I couldn’t even imagine that there were so many women working in the IT industry here. During these twelve months, we've received so much support and attention. This inspires me to continue to develop the network”, says Natasha Asimiadis, information manager at Sigma Technology Solutions.

“For Linnaeus University, the network has become a great platform for our female students and researchers to network and share knowledge with women from industry and other organizations. WiTech also inspires girls and women to choose IT and helps us to recruit more females to our programs”, says Diana Unander, research and project coordinator at the department of computer science and media technology at Linnaeus University.

On Saturday 24 November, WiTech arranged a large event where everyone was welcome – members, families, and friends. Read more about the event and about WiTech's work and goals in Sigma Technology Solution's press release.