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Third-cycle education in pedagogy considered to be of high quality

The Swedish Higher Education Authority has reviewed the quality of 20 programmes in pedagogy at third-cycle level. Linnaeus University’s third-cycle education in the subject gets the grade “high quality”.

The quality of Linnaeus University's third-cycle education in pedagogy, which leads to licentiate or doctoral degree, is high. This assessment is done by the Swedish Higher Education Authority, UKÄ, which has reviewed the quality of 20 third-cycle programmes within the subject.

In their assessment, UKÄ states that the doctoral students' participation in six active research groups gives them access to national and international research networks, as well as opportunities to collaborate with actors outside the academy. Courses, seminars, supervision and participation at national and international conferences contribute to guaranteeing the quality and meeting objectives in regard to content, implementation and result.

The assessment group also points out that it is positive that Linnaeus University intensifies its programme to support women researchers' meriting towards associate professor and professor competence with the aim to achieve a better balance between women and men.