Aparna Lahoyia

Two new doctoral students at Gunilla Bradley Centre

Aparna Lahoyia and Ricardo Costa will conduct research on omni-channel retail in the new research program Pioneer the Digital Omni-channel Retailers.

Ricardo Costa
Ricardo Costa

As of September 1st this year, the Gunilla Bradley Centre for Digital Business hosts two new doctoral students: Mrs Aparna Lahoyia and Mr Ricardo Costa. They both partake in the new research program Pioneer the Digital Omni-channel Retailers (PERFORM) funded by the European Union (75 %) and Linnaeus University (25 %). The research program includes fifteen doctoral students and a set of senior researchers from universities in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Sweden.

The two new researchers are formally employed at the department of informatics, and will study the success factors of omni-channel retail. Omni-channel refers to commercial practices that use several channels to interact with their customers in a manner so that the content of such channels is deliberately coordinated. A short illustration is when we test a new jacket in a (physical) store, pay for it there and then order it to be delivered home at a given date and time.

Aparna Lahoyia has an engineering degree from India and an MBA degree from the US. She has several years of work experience from industry. Ricardo Costa has a degree in law and another degree in economics from Spain, and many years of work experience in legal services. Both researchers passed a detailed recruitment process and are highly motivated to conduct research.

"Their multi-cultural and interdisciplinary backgrounds combined with extensive work practice experience make them ideal for the planned research. They are most welcome!" says Dr Rana Mostaghel, director of GBC.