Who will be awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics 2018?

On October 8, it is time to announce this year’s recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences – or, more correctly, the recipient of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. Hubert Fromlet, affiliated professor at Linnaeus University, has made a tradition of analysing and predicting the award winner. This year, he focuses in particular on the so far completely inadequate representation of women.

"This report presents a number of women candidates for the 2018 economics prize. The decision-making process for the selection of the award winner/winners could be made somewhat less dogmatic, in particular concerning age. There are a number of concrete measures that the award committee could implement to strengthen the interests of women economists in connection to the nomination process. In the long term, the situation for women recipients will most likely be brighter. But what is meant by "long term" in this context? Five to ten years? Hopefully (somewhat) less than that", says Fromlet.

View Hubert Fromlet's analysis, see link below.


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