Francesco Flammini

With industry collaboration in focus

Francesco Flammini’s main objective is to contribute to ensure predicable dependability of complex/smart systems. With a background in both academia and industry, he looks forward to cooperate with industries in the areas of control and security.

Francesco Flammini is a senior lecturer in computer science. Francesco's main research areas include model-based approaches (mainly multi-formalism and stochastic modeling) for risk assessment and quantitative RAMSS (Reliability Availability Maintainability Safety Security) evaluation. He has also done research in topics related to software testing and smart surveillance.

Being new in a country, in a city and at a university is not always easy. Francesco arrived in Växjö from Italy in the beginning of November, but the weather and the darkness hasn't put him off. Instead, he has been exploring potential research cooperations and he is currently involved in the start-up phase of an industry-sponsored project addressing smart troubleshooting in the connected society, in collaboration with Sigma Technology and a group of fellow researchers at Linnaeus University.

Predicable dependability of complex/smart systems

Francesco's main objective is to contribute to ensure predicable dependability of complex/smart systems, with a particular focus on the ones employed in safety/security-critical applications, like fly/brake-by-wire, biomedicine and real-time plant control. His current research focus is on the usage of:

  • Artificial intelligence for early warning and enhanced situation awareness in cyber-physical systems security.
  • Graphical modeling formalisms for probabilistic evaluation of dependability attributes in complex and critical systems.

– I would be glad to cooperate with industries working on safety-critical, real-time control and infrastructure security systems. Due to my long experience in the rail and mass-transit sector, research challenges addressing open issues in those domains would be especially welcome, says Francesco Flammini.

Francesco Flammini's background is interesting and should open up for industry collaborations. He holds a PhD in Computer and Systems Engineering from the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. He also has 15 years of research and engineering experience in the dependable computing and critical infrastructure security industry. At Linnaeus University, the experience of working in both academia and industry is very welcome, since industry collaborations become more and more important. Francesco is an IEEE Senior Member and he is serving as the chairman of the IEEE SMC Technical Committee on Homeland Security.