Comp Wood

CompWood – an international conference on wood mechanics for stable constructions

On 17–19 June, the international conference CompWood is held at Linnaeus University in Växjö. Researchers from all over the world gather to become absorbed in computational methods in wood mechanics, dealing with everything from fundamental material properties to analyses of large wood constructions.

More specifically, it is about developing the technology used for wood constructions to make wood an even more competitive construction material in the future.

“Wood is a material that is comparatively difficult to master through computational models. We need both fundamental and applied research to increase our knowledge about wood as an engineering material”, says Thomas K. Bader, associate professor at the Department of Building Technology.

Five keynote lectures will be held by selected European experts. These lectures will deal with how experiments and models can be applied on the construction of multi-story buildings in wood and to increase the knowledge about moisture in wood. Another area that will be focused on is binders for wood and composite structures.

“The conference will stimulate research collaborations on innovative design concepts and new applications for wood. An increased use of wood in construction leads to decreased emissions of carbon dioxide from the construction sector and, therefore, new knowledge on wood mechanics also contributes to important environmental gains”, Bader concludes.


Anders Olsson
Thomas K Bader