Ebtisam Mohammedsalih receiving the award

Ebtisam Mohammedsalih is Young IT Woman of the Year 2019

Last week, Ebtisam Mohammedsalih, who studies software technology at Linnaeus University, was awarded Microsoft’s award Young IT Woman of the Year 2019. The award was handed out for the 17th year in a row at Universum Awards in Stockholm and aims to inspire more young women to work in the IT industry.

After a number of steps and a narrowing down process, it is now clear that Ebtisam Mohammedsalih is appointed winner of this year’s competition.

“It feels fantastic to win the award Young IT Woman of the Year. I wasn’t expecting to come this far in the competition so I’m extra excited”, says Mohammedsalih.

Now a year full of networking and activities is awaiting Mohammedsalih as ambassador for Microsoft. This is something that makes her feel full of energy and inspiration and she talk about her expectations:

“The real work starts now. I can now work hard together with Microsoft to reach and inspire girls and young women. The award gives me a great opportunity to, primarily, become a role model for a large group of girls and young women, but also to establish contacts with primary schools, upper secondary schools, and companies”, says Mohammedsalih.

Today, more men than women work in the IT industry. Mohammedsalih wants to change this and she has a message for girls who are thinking about studying technology and IT:

“Have the courage to choose IT! Start simple with online courses that fit your pace. The IT industry is diverse so if you feel that something is not exactly your thing, try something else within IT. Even though more men than women work with IT it’s definitely not a male job”, Mohammedsalih concludes.

Mohammedsalih received the award Young IT Woman of the Year with the motivation:

She is passionate about equality, diversity, and inclusion. With a great commitment to education and how ways of teaching should be adapted to reach more people, she is already a role model. She is brave, not afraid of challenges, and what she says has an impact on people. It is with great joy that Microsoft appoints this year’s Young IT Woman of the Year and we look forward to inspiring more girls and young women together with the recipient Ebtisam Mohammedsalih.

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Photo: Felicia Yllenius