Time to apply for your degree certificate

Soon it may be time for you to apply for the degree certificate. Here are some things you should pay attention to before you apply and some additional information about the process.

Please note that you must apply for your degree certificate, it will not be issued automatically. Before you apply for a degree, you must be sure that all your grades are reported into Ladok. That means your courses have to be displayed under ‘completed education’. If a course is displayed under ‘current education’, the final grade is not reported in yet and you will have to wait with your application.

Exchange studies within programs must be credited otherwise they cannot be included in the program's diploma. Parts of unfinished courses that should be included in the degree must also be credited (as free-standing courses).
Double Degree students apply precisely like all other students.

Then, you are ready to apply at Ladok under the tab ‘Apply for’. Carefully read through the information and then press ‘continue’. If you are going to apply for the degree certificate from your program, you will find your program in the drop-down list, choose the main field of study and / or the specialization, tick the courses that should be included and click ‘continue’. If you have read independent courses and no program, you apply for a degree certificate without specialization and choose only the main field of study.

You can also choose to leave a message to the degree evaluation officers in the message box in the last step of the application and you can even upload attachments to the online application. If you do not have a student account anymore, use the application form Degree Application
Bachelor and Master level or Degree Application
Doctoral level. All applications will be processed in chronological order.

The degree certificate is digital, which is why it is important that you state a correct e-mail address in your application since this is the address the degree certificate will be send to.

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