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Five literature students participated in international conference

In late June, five students presented their essays on F. Scott Fitzgerald at an international conference with focus on the author. “It was a fantastic experience to take part in a literature conference and meet researchers from all over the world”, says Karolina Eugenes.

The conference, that took place in Toulouse, France, was arranged by The F. Scott Fitzgerald Society. The five students Karolina Eugenes, Daniel Sundberg, Lara Siewke, Johan Nilsson, and Oscar Svensson have all read Linnaeus University’s master’s course ”F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Jazz Age” and sent in parts of their own Fitzgerald research to the conference, which they were then given the opportunity to present in 20-minute papers.
“To get the opportunity to present parts of my essay at the conference really was a boost for my self-confidence since I got really good feedback, both on the presentation itself and on the content”, says Karolina Eugenes.

Karolina Eugenes presents parts of her research on the author F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Karolina Eugenes presents parts of her research on the author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Good opportunity to establish contacts

At the conference, researchers from all over the world who are fascinated by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s authorship meet. Johan Nilsson has participated at the conference before.
“I think the most interesting part is meeting all the new, young people that show up every year. You always meet new people with new and exciting ideas that can contribute to the continuity of this author”, says Johan Nilsson.

“What I bring with me from the conference, in particular, is that it is important to believe in yourself and not be afraid to be ambitious in the academic world. What is more, since it is an international conference it is an excellent opportunity to establish contacts all over the world, which is both important and valuable for the future”, says Karolina Eugenes.

Lara Siewke agrees:
“It is an important academic step to get the opportunity to present your research in this environment, and a privilege to get to have such a specialised audience that listens and provides feedback”.

Award ceremony for Kuehl’s Travel Grant for young researchers.
Award ceremony for Kuehl’s Travel Grant for young researchers.

Young researchers were awarded scholarships

At the conference, Kuehl’s Travel Grant was handed out, a scholarship award for young researchers. This year, 15 awards were handed out, which is more than any previous year.

“I think this shows how F. Scott Fitzgerald continues to engage young people from different countries”, says Daniel Sundberg.

More information

F. Scott Fitzgerald was an American author in the early 20th century who came to be considered as the foremost of American authors in the 1920s. At Linnaeus University there is a master’s course on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s authorship that the five students have studied.