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Infomaker and IST awarded The Big IT Competence Award

When The Big IT Competence Award (Stora IT-kompetenspriset) was handed out in Växjö on Tuesday, the companies Infomaker Scandinavia in Kalmar and IST Group AB in Växjö were the recipients of the award. The jury thought both companies were such good candidates that it decided to appoint two winners – which is a first.

Caption: Mathilda Wirenstrand from IST receives the award, while Nina Månsson and Patrik Granlöv from Infomaker took part in the award ceremony via link and received their diploma on site in Kalmar.

The idea was that ten nominated candidates should become one. However, when the jury had made their assessment, they could not choose between Infomaker Scandinavia AB and IST Group AB. Therefore, they were both awarded The Big IT Competence Award.

“We have never had such a close race before! All the nominated candidates do fantastic work within collaboration and internal continuing professional development. It feels great to see how the companies develop from year to year and that these questions are given greater focus. This is beneficial not only for the individual company but for all involved actors and it contributes to a positive IT climate in the entire Linnaeus region”, says Diana Unander, project coordinator for The Big IT Competence Award.

“This feels great, and we are honoured to receive this award. It is valuable to us to be able to make the most of our collaboration with the university. A lot of people benefit from this”, says Nina Månsson and Patrik Granlöv from Infomaker.

“We are truly grateful for this award and look forward to continuing our work with both internal and external continuing professional development”, says Mathilda Wirenstrand form IST.

“Both Infomaker and IST show great commitment to both internal and external continuing professional development and have been successful in presenting this in a god way to the jury”, says Jesper Andersson, head of department at the department of computer science and media technology at Linnaeus University.

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