Award ceremony

Infomaker Scandinavia AB received the University Partner of the Year award

Linnaeus University’s award University Partner of the Year went to the IT company Infomaker Scandinavia AB from Kalmar. The purpose of the award is to highlight partnerships and the mutual exchange between the academy and society.

Picture text: Award presenter Ann-Charlotte Larsson, deputy vice-chancellor, and Peter Aronsson, vice-chancellor, together with Peter Månsson, Nina Månsson, and Patrik Granlöv from Infomaker Scandinavia AB. The company was nominated by, among others, the department of computer science, represented by Diana Unander.

“This is a joyful moment, we were happy to be nominated for the award and now to receive it feels truly great! I feel honoured, happy, and humble at the same time when I hear the motivation”, said Peter Månsson, development coordinator at Infomaker Scandinavia AB when he received the award together with Patrik Granlöv and Nina Månsson.

“The company is a truly worthy winner, chosen from a highly competitive field of nominees. Infomaker’s collaboration with us goes well in line with how Linnaeus University wants to carry out collaborations in the region”, says Ann-Charlotte Larsson, deputy vice-chancellor with responsibility for societal driving force at Linnaeus University.

Motivation of the jury

Infomaker Scandinavia AB lets its collaboration with Linnaeus University be part of the company’s strategic work with education, innovation and skills supply. Infomaker Scandinavia AB is curious and experimental in its interaction with students and researchers. The collaboration includes participation through guest lectures in education planning and mentor programmes, as well as informally through social activities with the student associations. By being a driving force in the development and implementation of training programmes for professionsals and by inspiring more young women to study IT or work with IT, Infomaker Scandinavia AB also contributes to the development of the industry. In its collaboration with Linnaeus University, the company manifests the words curiosity, creativity, companionship, and utility.


The criteria for the award are, among other things, a will to collaborate with students, teachers, and researchers, and to what extent the organisation is present and takes part in Linnaeus University’s activities. The winner is selected through a vote in the committee for societal driving force where six permanent members have made up the jury with one vote each – one for each faculty. The committee is in charge of Linnaeus University’s strategic work with societal driving force, which, among other things comprises collaboration with the surrounding society.

The award was presented at Guldfesten in Kalmar n 9 March. The other nominees were Kalmar municipality, care administration, and Kalmar Energi AB.


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