Joacim Rosenlund

Joacim Rosenlund awarded research scholarship

Joacim Rosenlund has been awarded SEK 300,000 by Familjen Knut & Ragnvi Jacobsson’s Foundation for his research project ”Tools for circular business modelling” to study experienced ecopreneurs’ models for a more circular business modelling, as a model for other companies.

“Circular ecopreneurs deal with entrepreneurship with the aim to abandon the wear-and-tear society. Circular economy is the opposite of the wear-and-tear society and there are already a number of examples of entrepreneurs who are circular”, says Joacim Rosenlund.

“In my research, I will study these circular ‘ecopreneurs’ who set good examples from an environmental point of view but who also face challenges with their business models. In order to study this, I will approach the everyday life of ecopreneurs in the Småland region of Sweden and follow their work. Knowledge about these circular forerunners can make it easier for decision makers and other actors who want to support a circular transition”, Rosenlund concludes.

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