Fredrik Ahlgren and Mikael Westling

Kalmar Energi + Linnaeus University + Internet of Things = True!

Kalmar Energi and Linnaeus University have initiated a collaboration on connected sensors, what is called Internet of Things (IoT). Kalmar Energi has donated two LoRaWAN gateways to Linnaeus University that will make it possible for sensors to send data to the net via an energy-efficient IoT network. The equipment will be made available to both students and the public via the open network The Things Network (TTN) and it is already being used on existing courses.

“Through this venture, we have created conditions for both students and other citizens in Kalmar to try out ideas within Internet of Things. These types of collaborations are necessary in order to promote a good development in the region”, says Fredrik Ahlgren, senior lecturer a Linnaeus University.

Our hope is that the collaborations will contribute to an increased competitiveness for the university’s students within operation and maintenance, and computer /IT, as well as for companies who are becoming interested in digitalisation solutions. Since the network is open, anyone can build sensors and connect these to the network. This is beneficial for the region’s digitalisation, which is necessary in order to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future in a sustainable way.

“To offer new infrastructure is a natural part of Kalmar Energi’s development work. If this can also contribute to making ideas within Internet of Things solutions possible that is fantastic. I’m looking forward to following the development”, says Mikael Westling, project manager for IoT at Kalmar Energi.