Kosovo's ambassador

Kosovo’s ambassador visited Linnaeus University

In August, Linnaeus University was granted close to SEK 9.8 million from the EU programme Erasmus + to start a graduate school within the field of IT in Kosovo. The project is now in its start-up stage and this week the university was visited by Shkendije Geci Sherifi, Kosovo’s ambassador to Sweden, who wanted to learn more about the project.

At her visit to Linnaeus University, ambassador Shkendije Geci Sherifi got to meet representatives from the university and the Faculty of Technology. Anita Mirjamdotter, professor of informatics and coordinator for the project, gave a presentation together with associate professor Arianit Kurti.

The aim is to establish a national syllabus for third-cycle education within the field of IT to contribute to the development of the country’s research competence and, as a result, the development of both higher education, the trade and industry, and the public sector in Kosovo.

“The Faculty of Technology has collaborated with universities in the western Balkans for a long time. We have employees who originate from that area, as well as a number of doctoral student and students. There is a large driving force to take part and contribute to the development of the region. The graduate school can play an important part in this”, says Anita Mirjamdotter.

After the presentations, the ambassador got to meet some 25 students and employees with backgrounds in Kosovo and Albania. This was a much appreciated meeting where the students got to ask questions and discuss with the ambassador.

“It’s important to me to show my support for this project. Kosovo has experienced a ‘brain drain’ and we are now hoping that many individuals want to contribute to rebuilding the country”, said ambassador Shkendije Geci Sherifi.

The meeting resulted in a committed discussion on whether it would be hard or easy to move back to Kosovo and in what ways you can contribute even if you choose not to move back.

“You do contribute, in one way or another you contribute. We are proud of you”, said Shkendije Gaci Sherifi, Kosovo’s ambassador to Sweden.

Learn more about the graduate school.