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Help us reflect the diversity at the university

At Linnaeus University, everyone should feel welcome. We are eager to communicate this in every way possible. Therefore, we will arrange two photo sessions in September to further broaden our photo and video material, and we need your help.

We are aware that our photo and video material does not fully reflect the fantastic diversity found at Linnaeus University, and we would like to become better at this. Therefore, in September, we will arrange two photo sessions in order to further broaden our photo and video material, in order for it to better reflect the diversity represented by Linnaeus University.

One photo session will be arranged on campus in Växjö (18 September at 11.30–14.00) and one at Universitetskajen in Kalmar (19 September at 11.30–14.00). Both sessions will start with “fika” (coffee/tea), which is on us, and mingle, where you will get the opportunity to get to know the other students who will be in the same photo session as you.

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