At Nature's Edge The Global Present and Long-term History redigerad av Professor Gunnel Cederlöf and Professor Mahesh Rangarajan

In an epoch when environmental issues make the headlines, this is a work that goes beyond the everyday.

Ecologies, as diverse as the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean coast, the Negev desert and the former military bases of Vietnam, or the Namib desert and the east African savannah all have in common a long-time human presence and the many ways people have modified nature.

  • The book traces specific stories of how when and where societies have reshaped ecosystems with varying outcomes
  • Goes beyond immediate concerns about the Anthropocene, an epoch where humans are akin to a geological force reshaping nature.
  • The collection goes beyond Europe and North America, to the Indian Ocean, Africa, South East and West Asia, examining a mosaic of experiences.
  • The authors are leading environmental historians, anthropologists, and ecologists who unpack complex and critical environmental issues in a nuanced yet lucid way.
  • It illumines the way to think about the environmental crisis from a long-term perspective even as it gives cause for hope of change for the better.