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New graduate school strengthens teacher educations

Together with eight other Swedish higher education institutions, Linnaeus University is allocated SEK 40 million by the Swedish Research Council. The money will be used to develop a new graduate school to strengthen teachers’ ability to use digital technologies in their teaching.

“This is an honour and will contribute to our development", says Marcelo Milrad, professor of media technology at Linnaeus University.

The teacher education is of strategic importance to teacher students, but also to the digitalisation of school and pre-school.

“We have a lot of knowledge and experience within the field of digitalisation and learning at the university, but our ambitions are high and we can always become even better”, Milrad continues.

This is, to a large extent, about creating even better conditions for innovative learning, not only at the university but in the whole region. Two new doctoral students will be placed at Linnaeus University, with the possibility of more in collaboration with municipalities or private actors.

“An advantage of the graduate school is that you get access to national networks”, Milrad concludes.

The graduate school, called UPGRADE, is a national collaboration between University of Gävle, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), University of Gothenburg, Halmstad University, Jönköping University, University West, Linnaeus University, Mid Sweden University, and Umeå University, which is host university and coordinator for the project.

The graduate school UPGRADE will admit at least nine doctoral students during the next few years. At Linnaeus University, the graduate school will be linked to the strategic research field Digitalisation in school which is being developed at the university, as well as to a knowledge environment that is under development – Digital transformaitons.


Marcelo Milrad, professor, +4673-396 95 74, marcelo.milrad@lnu.se
Annika Sand, senior press officer, +4676-830 01 05, annika.sand@lnu.se