Per Brolin leaves his position as university director

After eight years as university director, Per Brolin has now chosen to leave his position.

“In light of the fact that the university is now in a strong development phase, Per and I have held discussions during the autumn and come to an agreement that renewal is needed in the position as head of the university administration”, says vice-chancellor Peter Aronson.

Per Brolin has been the head of the university administration since the merger in 2010.

“Per has led the way in the work to establish a good administration and a well-functioning support for our activities from the merger and onwards, and he has contributed greatly. It is now time for us to make the most of and continue to build on what we have achieved under his management”, Peter Aronsson concludes.

Thorbjörn Nilsson, manager at the executive office, is appointed acting university director for the time period when recruitment of a new university director is ongoing.