LNUC Concurrences Announces Research Grants

The Linnaeus University Centre for Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies invites applications for 1+1 year research grants for the period 2020-2021. Grant recipients can receive 10-50% research time to be devoted to a research project conducted on a topic strongly connected to the methodological, theoretical and empirical concerns of the Centre, and to regular seminar and workshop activities at the centre.

LNUC Concurrences was established in 2012 and is a centre of excellence focusing on colonial and postcolonial issues. The centre consists of scholars from multiple disciplines, including Archeology, History, Literature, Social work, Sociology, and the Study of Religions, but researchers from other disciplines are also welcome to apply. The centre is divided into clusters that investigate three particular areas: Nordic Colonialism, Colonial Connections and Comparisons, and Cultural Encounters. The centre sponsors individual research that connects with the larger aims of Concurrences. For more information, see our website:

The Centre is now announcing research grants for a period of 1+1 years. The research grant can be awarded to anyone who is pursuing research that connect with the concerns of the centre and who has a permanent position at Linnaeus University and holds a PhD in a relevant discipline. 

Those awarded the grant will be given 10% to 50% of full-time employment, depending on the applicants’ position, research merits, project plan and other internal or external funding. The allocation of the amount of research time is the decision of the LNUC Concurrences steering group and will be based on the applicant’s previous research merits, amount of external funding, and, in the case the applicant has previously been a member of LNUC Concurrences, participation in the activities of the centre. Those who receive the grant are expected to contribute to the interdisciplinary environment of LNUC Concurrences by:

  1. Conducting the project that is outlined in the application.
  2. Participating in obligatory seminars, workshops and other activities (these are conducted in English).
  3. When appropriate, collaborating with other scholars, postdoctoral fellows, guest researchers, and graduate students within the centre.
  4. Submitting a minimum of two to five articles or book chapters (depending on the amount of funding) to journals or publishers with at least a level 1 rating (in accordance with the list provided by Norsk senter for forskningsdata [NSD]).
  5. Submitting, individually or as part of a research group, a minimum of one project proposal for substantial external research funding
  6. Connecting with local and international society in line with Linnaeus University’s policy for Societal Driving Force.
  7. Actively participating in the activities of at least one research cluster.

The grants run for 1+1 years. After the first year, the performance of the researcher will be evaluated in relation to the goals above. The centre will consider applications from all Faculties at Linnaeus University, but it has limited possibilities to support researchers outside the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.


All application should consist of the following:

  1. A project description that contains detailed information on how the project connects to the centre’s colonial and postcolonial concerns, the relevance of the empirical material to the centre, and of the postcolonial or decolonial theories and methodologies that are employed (maximum 4 pages).
  2. A list of proposed publications (e.g. tentative titles) and planned research applications (maximum 1 page).
  3. A CV (maximum 2 pages).
  4. A list of publications from the last 10 years indicating each publication’s level according to NSD.
  5. In the case that the applicant has been a member of LNUC Concurrences during the period 2018-2019, the applicant must also submit a list of the publications and research applications submitted during this period along with statement on how the project funded was completed (max 1 page).

Applications should be sent to Åse Magnusson no later than April 28, 2019. The decisions are made by the Concurrence steering group. Applicants will be notified of the decision no later than the end of June, 2019.