Kjell Larsson

Researcher awarded for his work for the Baltic Sea environment

Kjell Larsson, professor of maritime science at Linnaeus University, is awarded Östersjöakuten’s award for his commitment to the Baltic Sea environment.

Kjell Larsson is professor of maritime science at Kalmar maritime academy at Linnaeus University. Since many years back, he teaches and carries out research within shipping, marine environment, and biology. Among other things, on how the negative environmental impact of the shipping industry can be reduced. He is now awarded Östersjöakuten’s award of SEK 75,000 with the motivation:

“Through his extensive and high-quality research, Kjell Larsson has provided us with important knowledge about the Baltic Sea’s sea birds and ecosystems as well as the environmental effects of the shipping industry. His contributions to spread knowledge on biodiversity and protected marine areas are important contributions to the development of marine spatial planning”.

About Östersjöakuten’s award

The foundation Östersjöakuten is the result of a collection that was initiated by the Swedish Transport Workers’ Union in 1994 to support marine research in the Baltic Sea. The funds were handed over to the Baltic Sea Centre at Stockholm University, where a fund and later also a foundation was established.