Magnus Forslund

SEK 26.5 million to leadership development

The project ”Ledarskap och entreprenörskap i Småland” [Leadership and entrepreneurship in Småland] and Magnus Forslund have been granted SEK 26.5 million from the European Regional Development Fund through the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Region Kronoberg, Region Kamar län, The Kamprad Family Foundation, Linnaeus University, and Jönköping University.

“It is hopeful that such a unique and down-to-earth venture on leadership and entrepreneurship is supported in this way”, says Magnus Forslund, senior lecturer at the School of Business and Economics and Centre for Leadership in Småland.

The project works to strengthen the ability of leaders and entrepreneurs to provide conditions for change and innovation within their organisations.

“The ambition is to increase the insight on the importance of leadership and entrepreneurship for innovation and the creation of attractive workplaces. A central question for us is how to include different types of diversity and create concrete meetings between differences”, says Forslund.

Centre for Leadership in Småland was established in 2016 and in a first project period the centre has worked with some 200 managers and leaders as well as some 500 students in different parts of Småland to develop the ability to lead for innovation. In this second project period, the collaboration will be widened to include the research group Entrepreneurship and social change, led by professor Malin Tillmar, Linnaeus University, and Ung Företagsamhet i Kronoberg and Kalmar.

“A fundamental part for us is to link active managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs to the university’s research and education based on real, existing needs. In this work, students with an interest in leadership are an important target group”, Forslund continues.

Via the so-called Juniorledarskapsakademin, students are offered training in leadership as well as networking opportunities with leaders and entrepreneurs in the region. Ung Företagsamhet is a new and important actor in this work.

“We now look forward to many exciting meetings with the aim to develop both individuals and organisations”, Forslund concludes.

More information
Centre for Leadership in Småland has published two books on innovation-promoting leadership based on the conditions that can be found at mainly small and medium-sized companies in Småland. More information on the site (only in Swedish).

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