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SEK 300 million over ten years in major initiative

Södra and Ikea of Sweden are partnering with Linnaeus University in a long-term, strategic investment in research and education within the field of forestry and forest industry.

"SEK 300 million over ten years, that’s the framework for this collaboration to which other actors are welcome to contribute. It is only when we work together that we can meet the challenges facing society”, vice-chancellor Peter Aronsson said in his opening statement at Monday's press conference".

“By partnering with the industry, we can create a unique platform through exchange of experiences and resource mobilisation. This partnership will allow us to focus on several different fields of research”, says Johan Bergh, head of subject for forest-related research and education at Linnaeus University.

What does this partnership mean to Linnaeus University?

“It’s very valuable! We will get the opportunity to develop new, unique, high-quality courses and programmes with a broad research basis. We will also have the resources to staff our courses and programmes in a good way. It also means that the breadth and the cutting-edge competence in our research will increase. This is incredibly important also for our courses and programmes where the quality will increase considerably and create a better balance between research and education”, explains Johan Bergh.

Press conference
Peter Aronsson, vice-chancellor, Linnaeus University; Lars Idemark, CEO and President, Södra; Ulf Johansson, Global Wood Supply and Forestry Manager, Ikea of Sweden; Johan Bergh, head of subject forest-related research and education, Linnaeus University; and Kristina Alsér, Linnaeus University's external council.
Handshake Peter Aronsson and Lars Idemark
Handshake Peter Aronsson and Ulf Johansson
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