Symposium on Gender, Entrepreneruship and Postfeminism

The 6th of March, a Symposium om Gender, Entrepreneruship and Postfeminism took place at Teleborg Castle. The symposium was organized by the knowledgeplattform Entrepreneurship and Social change, ENT, (www.lnu.se/ent) in collaboration with the EMBLA research group (www.emblaresearch.se).

The role of gender in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship research over time and the discursive formation of post-feminism was discussed and debated, in relation to its impact on research and practice. Another matter of debate during the day was the relationship between neoliberalism and post-feminism, and how that impacts on entrepreneurship research.

Key-note speakers were GWO Editor Patricia Lewis, Reader at Kent University, Professor Helene Ahl Jönköping University and Associate Professor Viktorija Kanolityte, Linnaeus University.

One of the key-note speakers at the Symposium on Gender, Entrepreneurship and Postfeminsim were GWO Editor Patricia Lewis, Reader at Kent University