Excavation site

The pursuit of answers of ancient Sandby Borg mystery intensifies

Back in 2011, Kalmar County Museum have made several archaeological excavations of the ancient ringfort Sandby Borg on the island of Öland off the coast of Sweden. Linnaeus University joined the collaboration in 2016, and for 2020, we are stepping up our pursuit to find the answers to questions such as how many people actually died, who the intruders were, and why the bloodthirsty massacre even took place.

By fall 2020, we will start a new excavation in the ringfort. That is our vision. To have an excavation on site is expensive and surpasses the funds that currently can be allocated. Therefore, the university will make it possible to donate money to the excavation in order to achieve a broader knowledge about what actually happened at Sandby Borg. The donation campaign will start in January 2020.

"Our aim is to get the funds that would enable our students, alongside proven archaeologists and experts, to dig their way towards the answers that await in the soil. We know there is more to be found" says Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay, senior lecturer in Archaeology.

Please contact Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay for further information.