Three new honorary doctors at Linnaeus University

A Dutch professor of literary theory and cultural analysis, an American professor of organisational theory, and a former chief commissioner of Kronoberg County Police Department are Linnaeus University’s honorary doctors for 2020.

Mieke Bal is appointed honorary doctor 2020 by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Mieke Bal is professor of literary theory and cultural analysis at University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has an indisputable world reputation as a cultural theorist and in the last few years she has also become a respected video artist and curator by combining literary and cultural history with pressing contemporary issues.

From the motivation: “Mieke Bal’s initiated work with both researchers and students at Linnaeus University has been highly appreciated. Through a combination of thorough knowledge, theoretical brilliance, openness to new ideas, and, last but not least, a generous, humorous and humble approach she has become a much appreciated collaboration partner for both students and researchers”.

Mary Jo Hatch is appointed honorary doctor 2020 by the School of Business and Economics. Mary Jo Hatch is professor emerita of organisatinal theory at Stanford University, USA. She has teached and conducted research on organisations and organisation for 30 years. Currently, Mary Jo Hatch is linked to Boston College, USA; Copenhagen Business School, Denmark; and to School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg.

From the motivation: “Mary Jo Hatch’s passion for creativity, organisation, and innovation has links to the long tradition at the School of Business and Economics of research on creativity linked to leadership and entrepreneurship. Her interpretative approach within qualitative research method, her use of ethnography, textual analysis, and art-based creative methods has inspired many researchers at the faculty”.

Ulrika Herbst is appointed honorary doctor 2020 by the Faculty of Social Sciences. Ulrika Herbst was chief commissioner of Kronoberg County Police Department when then Växjö University applied for, and later was granted, rights to offer the police education. She is now regional police chief for Police Region East.

From the motivation: “Ulrika Herbst has been highly involved in the police education since the start and is currently a member of the Council for Education and Research in Police Work. Her commitment to and knowledge of the police education is great and combined with her immense driving force and will this makes her an invaluable resource for the education”.

The honorary doctors will be conferred their degrees at Linnaeus University’s Academic Ceremony in Kalmar on 31 January 2020.

In 2019, professor Qinghai Xu, Peoples Republic of China, was appointed honorary doctor by the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. Also he will be conferred his degree at the Academic Ceremony on 31 January 2020.


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