Researchers at LNUC Concurrences receive 8.9 million from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond

Three researchers at LNUC Concurrences receive a total of 8.9 million SEK from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. Liv Nilsson Stutz, archaeologist at the Department of Cultural Sciences was granted 5.5 million for the project “Ethical Entanglements. The Caring for Human Remains in Museums and Research”. This project was funded as part of the new research call Research on Research Ethics. Rebecca Duncan, postdoc at the Department of Languages, received 2.2 million for the literature project “Young Southern Speculatives: New Decolonialisms in the Capitalocene”, and Johan Höglund, also at the Department of Languages, was granted 1.1 million for the cultural studies Sabbatical “Militarizing the Anthropocene: Security, Militant Futures and American Climate Fiction”.

“This is a remarkable amount of funding from RJ”, LNUC Concurrences director Johan Höglund says. “After having a number of projects funded also by the Swedish Research Council, this clearly shows that the research conducted at the centre is seen as important by the major research foundations and councils. These projects touch upon especially important subjects and social challenges. How should researchers ethically approach the human remains that are stored in our museums? How does literature and film from various parts of the world narrate a future transformed by climate change? These questions are important both for research and for society at large.”