Cornelia Witthöft

Cornelia Witthöft reviews three chapters in the new edition of Nordic Nutrition Recommendations

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations are the official recommendations that are used in Sweden and all Nordic countries to promote healthy eating habits. For revision of current edition, Cornelia Witthöft, professor of food science and incoming deputy vice-chancellor for research at Linnaeus University, has accepted a request to be external expert reviewer for three chapters.

Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR 2012) provide guidelines concerning what

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations provide guidelines for healthy eating habits, both short term and long term. They also give information on how much exercise we need and how much energy and nutrients our bodies need to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases of public health interest.

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations are official guidelines followed by all Nordic countries and are used, among other things, to plan public meals in schools and nursing homes.

Following a request from the NNR2022 committee, Cornelia Witthöft, professor of food science at Linnaeus University, accepted to review the chapters on Folate (folic acid), Vegetables, fruit and berries, and Legumes as an external expert.

Cornelia Witthöft conducts research on, among other things, healthy and climate-smart plant foods. She was also engaged in the update of the previous edition NNR 2012. That time, as chair of the folates group, she was one of the authors of the systematic report that formed the basis for the chapter about folate.

The Swedish Food Agency is part of the committee, which has been working with the update of the latest edition since last year. The new edition of the  Nordic Nutrition Recommendations will be finalised in 2022. The project is managed from Norway and involves experts from all Nordic countries.

A summary of principles and application of Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2012 can be found on: