Angelos Chatzimparmpas

Doctoral student in computer science presents two papers at conference on visualization

Angelos Chatzimparmpas will showcase two papers at IEEE VIS 2020 on 25-30 October.

As a doctoral student, getting a paper that you are the main author of accepted to a recognized international conference is great. To present a second paper at the same conference is even greater. Not least if you are only halfway through your doctoral studies.

This is something that Angelos Chatzimparmpas has achieved. Angelos is a doctoral student in computer science at Linnaeus University and active in the research group Information and Software Visualization (ISOVIS).

The conference is called VIS 2020, is arranged by IEEE and is the leading conference in visualization, visual analytics and related areas. It is arranged for the 24th time, this year as a video conference for known reasons.

Angelos will present his papers on Thursday and Friday:

  • Thursday 29 October at 3.00–4.30 pm (around 4.15), during the session Guidelines & Design Spaces: StackGenVis: Alignment of Data, Algorithms, and Models for Stacking Ensemble Learning Using Performance Metrics (paper accepted to the conference)
  • Friday 30 October at 5.00–6.30 pm (around 6.00), during the session Multidimensional Data: t-viSNE: Interactive Assessment and Interpretation of t-SNE Projections (paper published in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics that Angelos has been invited to present at the conference)