Panel debate om democracy

First deputy speaker of the Swedish Parliament debated democracy issues

Åsa Lindestam, first deputy speaker of the Swedish Parliament, made a digital visit to Linnaeus University last Friday, in connection to the speaker’s visit to Kronoberg County. The visit included, among other things, a panel debate with the county governor, the university’s vice-chancellor, and researchers about democracy’s challenges.

During the current term of office, the Swedish Parliament celebrates a democracy jubilee as 100 years have passed since the decision to introduce universal suffrage. This resulted in the first women taking their seats in the Swedish Parliament in 1922. As part of this celebration, the Parliament speakers travel the country to talk about democracy.

The speaker’s visit took place in digital form, and was initiated with a presentation about the university by the vice-chancellor and a talk by the speaker about her visit and the Swedish Parliament’s work with democracy issues. The visit also included a panel debate on the topic “Democracy is being challenged. What can we do about this?”

Participants in the panel debate were Åsa Lindestam, first deputy speaker of the Swedish Parliament; Peter Aronsson, vice-chancellor; Joel Martinsson, doctoral student in political science; Marie Eriksson, senior lecturer in social work; and Kersti Forsberg, operations manager Fojo. Moderator for the panel debate was director atrium Christina Dahlgren.

View the full digital visit here.

Another part of the celebration of the democracy jubilee is the travelling exhibition “Fira demokratin!” from the Swedish Parliament. Take the opportunity to visit the exhibition at Alvesta Utställningshall, where it is on display 19 September–11 November.