on account of the coronavirus

Important regarding the Corona virus

Due to the Corona virus, we would like to point out the importance of following the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs´ recommendations when traveling abroad.

Updated 4 March 2020

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has published recommendations for people who have visited affected areas. It is important to follow their recommendations.

Due to the rapid spread of covid-19 in the world, the Public Health Agency of Sweden has made a new risk assessment. The risk of new cases being discovered in Sweden is now considered very high, and the risk of a general spread in the country is considered moderate. (2 March, 2020).

The virus is new and its development is difficult to predict. The recommendation is used to follow developments closely. See the following links:

Compiled and verified emergency information from Sweden's authorities about the Corona virus can be found at Krisinformation.se

Foreign Ministry information on travel advice

Current information on the Corona outbreak at the Public Health Agency of Sweden

For any questions about your own health, the recommendations are to call the scare guide at 1177 for guidance on how to proceed. Anyone who is suspected of infection should not go on drop-off times, but call for medical advice, ie the care guide at 1177. 

If you have questions about the corona virus, please dial 113 13 in Sweden.