Latest news on the cell phone coverage in Universitetskajen, Kalmar

“Over the last year, we have improved the cell phone coverage in our buildings. We have installed a supplementary indoor network, and this will continue to be expanded as the area develops. We have invested in good infrastructure for mobile telephony in our facilities”, says Hans Tunér, departmental manager at the Office of Facilities and Management Services.

“The expansion of the indoor network has been carried out in collaboration with Telia, which is our telephony supplier. This means that those who use Telia’s network now have very good reception in our facilities. Those who use Fello, Halebop, Comviq and some smaller suppliers that use Telia’s network also have very good reception. What is more, we also have access to a free Wi-Fi, which can also be used for placing calls”.

“Other mobile telephony operators have the opportunity to connect to our indoor network in order to guarantee coverage for their customers, but so far no other operators have done this”.

I have understood that it is quite common to have bad cell phone coverage in modern buildings, why is that so?

“Modern buildings are constructed to optimise the energy consumption, with much focus on environment and sustainability. Thus, the buildings are well-sealed and well-insulated, which also means that radio signals are largely blocked out. In such cases, it can sometimes be possible to improve cell phone reception by installing a supplementary indoor network, which has been done at Universitetskajen”.