Great success for Linnaeus University when the new Linnaeus-Palme projects were announced

The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) has just announced the decisions for Linnaeus-Palme Partnership 2020/2021 and the result was a success for Linnaeus University. All 16 submitted applications from Lnu were approved and almost 5 million SKR are now available for mobilities and collaborations with universities in low- and middle-income countries. In total, 89 projects were approved, which means that Lnu stands for 18 % of all projects among Swedish HEI´s. “- This confirms that Lnu is one of the most ambitious universities in Sweden when it comes to this kind of cooperation. As a university, we should be proud of our teachers that spend all this effort for our students”, states Linus Karlsson, office of external relations, who is the central coordinator for the LP program at Lnu.

Among the approved projects we can find cooperations in India, Ghana, Kenya, Colombia and Vietnam. For a full list of approved projects, se Medarbetare

Linnaeus-Palme is a SIDA-funded program administered by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR). The aim is to contribute to an increased interest in development collaborations, both at home and abroad, through teacher and student exchanges between HEI´s in Sweden and low- and middle-income countries. By integrating global perspectives and new knowledge in the learning process, the quality of higher education is improved and Swedish education becomes more international.