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Linnaeus University co-hosts the software conference STEW in Halmstad this autumn

The conference will be in Halmstad, on 18-19 November 2020. The purpose of STEW is to encourage and promote cooperation between different industry sectors, between academia/institutes and companies, and with the public sector.

STEW wants to make research and project results visible and stimulate new cooperation in software technology. The conference is organized to facilitate knowledge exchange and dissemination of results from different forms of cooperation. STEW provides a forum for researchers and industry representatives to meet and learn about recent, industry-relevant research and experiences in the domain of software development. The conference also promotes networking among academic and industrial attendees.

Everyone is invited to answer this call with presentations from different perspectives and areas, on this year’s theme Data for software development. The presentations should be submitted no later than 26 April. Read more at Swedsoft's website.