Students on campus

Linnaeus University now goes digital – again

All teaching and all examinations that can be carried out online should be carried out online. Physical, on-campus teaching and examination should only occur when necessary. This was decided by the vice-chancellor today 30 November. The decision applies as from 1 December until, at the longest, 28 March, 2021 (that is to say, ten weeks into the spring semester). In case the Public Health Agency of Sweden or the Swedish Government change their recommendations and decisions, the vice-chancellor’s decision may also change.

At the time being, about 95 percent of all teaching and examination is carried out online, but we work to increase this share even more.

Linnaeus University follows the national and local regulations, general advice and guidelines established by the Public Health Agency of Sweden or the Swedish Government to reduce the spread of infection. The limit of a maximum of eight people at public gatherings does not apply to teaching, examination or other internal activities at universities and university colleges. Linnaeus University has chosen to keep the limit of a maximum of 50 people for gatherings within the university.

Student placement (VFU) is carried out according to plan unless the head of the VFU in question (for instance, municipality or region) informs otherwise.

If you still choose to spend time in our facilities, you are to avoid close physical contact, crowding and gathering in large groups. We must also avoid gatherings of more than 50 people. We thin out everywhere in our facilities, in connection to teaching, examination, and other activities.

As for physical presence, we prioritise:

  • practical elements that cannot be carried out online.
  • examination that is difficult to carry out online.
  • final examinations and compulsory elements on the final year of a programme.
  • that our facilities, to as large an extent as possible, are accessible to students for self-studies.

We all have a great responsibility. Thank you for washing your hands regularly, staying at home if you show the slightest symptoms, and for keeping the distance! Together, we can stop the spread of infection!