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Linnaeus University on prestigious ranking list

For the first time, Linnaeus University has made it onto the world’s most well-known ranking list for scientific performance, the so-called Shanghai list.

The list, which was first released in 2003, ranks the world’s best universities based on six objective categories like publications, quotations, and Nobel laureates and Linnaeus University made it into place 801–900.

“The list comprises the 1,000 best universities in the world in terms of elite research activities out of roughly 18,000 higher education institutions in total. So, naturally, this feels truly great”, says Lars Behrenz, adviser to the vice-chancellor.

“The reason that we have now been included on this ranking list is that we have a few top researchers who have performed very well within elite research and also that we have all become slightly better every day by publishing more and better publications each year”, Behrenz continues.

Why is it important to make onto different ranking lists?
“It can be a positive factor in our student recruitment, perhaps particularly so at international level. But, above all, the fact that we become more visible, can be a clear advantage concerning, for instance, research funding and opportunities for various research collaborations”, says Behrenz.

There are many different ranking lists – which one is most important to Linnaeus University?
“The Shanghai list only measures scientific performance, but it is very important to us to be on that list. We will now focus on making it onto the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking list as well. This list measures what effect a higher education institution’s research, education and collaboration, that is to say, our entire operations, have on society. Simply put, whether we make an impact on society”, Behrenz concludes.