“Show consideration for the health and life of others” – Open letter on account of the student parties that are planned for the weekend

This weekend’s party cancelled

Today, Friday, the organising student association has decided to cancel the parties that were planned for Friday and Saturday.

"A wise and responsible decision. Obviously, a sad decision to make when so many people have worked so hard to arrange something fun for each other, says Vvice-chancellor Peter Aronsson. However, given the current situation, we must all contribute and this means that we will have to manage without some things. This was such an example. Thank you for reconsidering."

The text above is updated at 15.20 on 16 october.


One of Linnaeus University’s student associations is planning to hold its annual weekend party for several hundred students 16–17 October. 160 students have registered for this Friday’s student sitting, and roughly 250 students have registered for Saturday’s event.

However, in an open letter, Linneus University’s vice-chancellor Peter Aronsson, Linnaeus Union, and the disease control in Region Kronoberg urge the students to reconsider concerning their parties, in light of the risk to contribute to an increase in the spread of covid-19:

Many of you have been invited to major parties at Linnaeus University this weekend, where hundreds of students will party for two days at parties arranged by one of our student associations.

It is true that many precautionary measures have been taken, but we would like to stress that this still means exposing both yourselves and others in your surroundings to unnecessary risks.

At the national level, on account of this, Matilda Ernkrans, Minister for Higher Education and Research, has urged students who are planning such parties to “shape up”.

At yesterday’s press conference, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell also pointed out that, at the time being, the greatest spread of covid-19 takes place in connection to social activities at workplaces and universities and urged people to avoid these types of gatherings.

Even though you may not be worried or scared of being infected yourselves, you are part of a larger context together with other fellow human beings, whom you may infect in the next stage.

As vice-chancellor, I cannot stop you from arranging or participating at the party. Neither can the student union, the Police, or the disease control in Kronoberg. However, we ask you once again to reconsider, take responsibility, be patient, and hold out.

Show consideration for the health and life of others – reconsider concerning this weekend’s big party!

Peter Aronsson vice-chancellor at Linnaeus University
Christian Blomkvist, disease control doctor Region Kronoberg
Rebecca Esselgren, chair Linnaeus Union