Heli Peltola

The Linnaeus Academy's Research Foundation awards Finnish forest researcher Heli Peltola

Professor Heli Peltola is awarded Carola and Carl-Olof Ternryd's award for her research in sustainable management of boreal forest ecosystems under changing climatic conditions. The award, SEK 1 million, is shared with the Department of Forestry and Wood Technology at Linnaeus University.

Carola and Carl-Olof Ternryd's award for outstanding contributions in the forestry sector as well as education, research and development at Linnaeus University is awarded every two years. It is awarded to persons who have made significant contributions in areas within the forestry industry, primarily wood processing. Part of the amount goes to an individual researcher and the other part to a department within the Faculty of Technology at Linnaeus University, in order to establish a long-term collaboration in research and education with the researcher.

The award is now presented for the third time and this year consists of SEK 1 million. The individual part comprises SEK 400,000 and is awarded to Heli Peltola, professor of silvicultural sciences at the School of Forest Sciences, University of Eastern Finland.

"The award emphasizes the importance of my research on science-based solutions for sustainable and adaptive forest management, and the role of forestry in climate change mitigation. These are research interests that our universities share, and I am convinced that we can develop successful collaborations and networks, such as scientific articles, researcher exchanges and projects", says Heli Peltola.

"Personally, I would like to enhance my research capabilities through a research sabbat. Additionally, update my 40 year old log cabin, to ensure its long term carbon storage."

Expanded international cooperation

The second part of the award goes to the Department of Forestry and Wood Technology. The department is awarded SEK 600,000 for exchange and collaboration with professor Heli Peltola and her research group.

"For us, the award means an expanded international collaboration that strengthens forest research and education. We have many connections to Heli Peltola and her research, within areas such as how the climate affects the forest, climate benefits of forests, ecophysiology, modelling of forest management, growth and risk of forest damages. I also see great opportunities for joint educational efforts", says Jimmy Johansson, head of the Department of Forestry and Wood Technology.

Due to the corona pandemic, a simple ceremony has been held digitally via the Zoom meeting tool – see a summary from it below. The intention is to, when circumstances allow, hold a more solemn ceremony on site in Växjö.

The motivation from the Linnaeus Academy's Research Foundation

"Professor Heli Peltola is a leading scientist within sustainable management of boreal forest ecosystems under changing climatic conditions and the effects on forest production and risk management. Her research includes also adaptive management strategies and the potentials offered by forests and forestry to mitigate the climate change. Her research employ forest ecosystem models and life cycle assessment (LCA tools. She has been during past 25 years produced high quality research with a large numbers of published papers in high ranked journals. Her research relates to large extent to the teaching and research conducted at Forest and Wood Technology."


FILM: From the Zoom ceremony with Fredrik Åberg, chairperson of Linnaeus Academy's Research Foundation, Heli Peltola and Jimmy Johansson