Students walking on campus

Thinning out in rooms and fewer students at written examinations

Now that more and more written examinations are carried out online, we work to create a safe environment also for students who will still take their written examination on location in our facilities. Therefore, we are now thinning out even more in our examination rooms, to ensure at least 2 metres between every writing place. And there will never be more than 50 students taking an examination in one room. Also, significantly fewer students will take an examination in one and the same room.

We carry out extra careful cleaning work in and around the examination rooms before each written examination. Above all, we clean surfaces that people touch with their hands extra carefully. There is also hand sanitizer at the examination room, if possible at the entrance to the room.

We offer resits

In case you cannot take part at a written examination, you will always have the opportunity to take part at a resit. We always offer at least five occasions when you can take a resit. Contact your teacher for more information on when resits are offered.

Are you experiencing symptoms?

If you show the slightest symptoms, if you have submitted a covid-19 test and is waiting for the result, or if you have been confirmed to have covid-19 – do not show up at the examination room. We will offer resits, so stay at home even if you show only mild symptoms.

Are you worried?

Are you worried or want to report an incident that took place in our facilities that made you concerned on account of corona, you can do this via our form here: