Welcome to Linnaeus University – while keeping some distance!

There will be on-campus teaching at Linnaeus University from the start of the semester, but in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus much of the teaching will be web-based. New students will have more on-campus teaching than those who are already used to university studies. Information on what applies for your particular course or programme will be provided by your course or programme coordinator.

Help us prevent the spread of infection

As a student, you are welcome to spend time in our facilities and use the resources that are available there. The University Library, for instance, will have regular opening hours.

A few tips to avoid crowding:

  • Show up in good time for lectures, seminars, and examinations.
  • Follow the guidelines and markings that have been put up in our facilities.
  • Walk directly into the room if it is empty.

Thank you for washing your hands regularly, for staying at home if showing the slightest symptoms, and for keeping the distance! Together we can stop the spread of infection!

This is what Linnaeus University does to make it easier to keep the distance

Our facilities management continues to carry out extra cleaning work, with focus on surfaces that people touch with their hands. Hand sanitizer is available at all rooms that are booked for teaching/examination, if possible placed at the entrance or at the teacher’s desk.

In our lecture rooms

  • Every second seat is used and these seats are marked with a green dot.
  • Tables are separated where this is possible to create distance.
  • Information on how many people are allowed in a room is available both at the entrance to a room and in the room.
  • Information on how best to enter and leave a lecture room is available at all rooms.
  • All common lecture rooms are unlocked in order to avoid queuing outside.

Student kitchenettes, group study rooms and individual work places

  • In general, the furnishing will remain the same way as before, but where possible the distance between seating groups will be increased.
  • Markings on the floor for queuing (kitchenettes) and markings at tables.

The University Library

  • Avoid queuing and crowding by the information desk.
  • Follow the markings for queuing at self-checkout machines.

More information

More information about Linnaeus University and the Corona vurus and Covid-19 is available here.