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Welcome to Linnaeus University also spring semester 2021!

For spring semester 2021, Linnaeus University is planning to carry out teaching in a way similar to this autumn. That means that certain teaching will take place in our facilities, but in order to limit the spread of the corona virus much of the teaching will continue to take place in digital form.

We prioritise first-year students admitted in the Swedish application rounds for this current academic year and practical elements when deciding what students will have on-campus teaching in our facilities. Information on what applies for your particular course will be provided by your programme or course coordinator.

A separate email will be sent to all international students studying their first semester at Linnaeus University.

As a student, you are very welcome to spend time in our facilities and use the resources that are available there. The University Library, for instance, will have normal opening hours.

It is still very important that everyone who spends time in our facilities follows the routines we have established to achieve a safe environment.

  • Show up well in advance for lectures, seminars and examinations.
  • Follow the guidelines and markings that have been put up in our facilities.
  • Walk directly into the room if it is empty.
  • Choose a seat marked with a green dot.

What we do to make it easier to keep the distance

Our facilities management continues to carry out extra cleaning work, with extra focus on surfaces that people touch with their hands. Hand sanitizer is available in all rooms that are booked for teaching and examination, if possible placed at the entrance or at the teacher’s desk.

In our lecture rooms

  • Every second seat is used and these seats are marked with a green dot.
  • Tables are separated where this is possible to create distance.
  • Information on how many people are allowed in a room is available both at the entrance to a room and inside the room.
  • Information on how best to enter and leave a lecture room is available at all rooms.
  • All common lecture rooms are unlocked in order to avoid queuing outside.

Student kitchenettes and individual work places

  • In general, the furnishing will remain the same way as before, but where possible the distance between seating groups will be increased.
  • Markings on the floor for queuing (kitchenettes) and markings at tables.

The University Library

  • Avoid queuing and crowding at the information desk.
  • Follow the markings for queuing at self-checkout machines.

More measures for safe facilities

During a period, we will have corridor hosts in our facilities to make sure that there is no crowding, so that students can spend time together in a safe way.

We are also looking into the possibility to establish easier ways to report when the recommendations are not being followed or any other flaws.

In case a corona outbreak would still occur, despite the precautionary measures, we have established a pandemic plan that will come into effect.

Test yourself if you show any symptoms if you spend time in our facilities

If you are a student who spend time in our facilities, you should take a test for covid-19 in case you show the slightest symptoms. The test is free of charge. In order to prevent the spread of infection and local outbreaks – test yourself even if your symptoms are mild! However, in order to take the test, you must have shown symptoms for at least 24 hours, otherwise there is a risk that an ongoing infection may not be detected in the test.

Learn more about how to test yourself in Kalmar and Växjö. 

If you have tested positive for covid-19 and if you have spent time in our facilities

If you are a student who has on-location teaching in our facilities, or spend time in them, and has been tested positive for covid-19, you are obligated to inform your teacher of this. It is, for instance, important that we receive information on whether you have had close contact with anyone else at the university during the last 24 hours before you started showing symptoms.

This type of information provides us with a basis for making decisions concerning, for instance, whether we need to change the form of study for a course or, in the event of many infected individuals, shut down the university.

Thank you for washing your hands regularly, for staying at home if showing the slightest symptoms, and for keeping the distance! Together we can stop the spread of infection!

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More information about Linnaeus University's handling of corona and covid-19 can be found on our FAQ page.