Student in Kalmar

Adjusted criteria for housing guarantee for newly admitted international students in Kalmar

For the autumn semester 2021, the housing company Kalmarhem has temporarily adjusted their criteria to make it easier for international students to find housing during their studies.

In autumn 2021, Kalmarhem’s housing guarantee will cover all newly admitted students that will study at least 30 credits at Linnaeus University with a place of study in Kalmar, Växjö or distance. 

The following criteria need to be fulfilled to be eligible for the housing guarantee:

  • You must be newly admitted to at least 30 credits/semester at Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Växjö or distance.
  • You must not have studied at the University of Kalmar/Linnaeus University in Kalmar or Växjö before.
  • You must actively apply for at least one (1) accommodation with Kalmarhem at each publication occasion from the time you have been accepted and accepted your admission notice on
  • You must register as a resident in Kalmar municipality when you have received your housing agreement.

More information about Kalmarhem's housing guarantee.