Sara tidigare student på Linnéuniversitetet

Alumni story: Sara’s knowledge is useful in many professions

Sara studied the Early Years Education Programme at Linnaeus University. She is of the opinion that the teacher education is not only for those who want to work in school, but that it opens up many potential professional paths. Today, she works as a hostess at a Ronald McDonald House where she tries to make everyday life a bit better for seriously ill children and their families.

“At my workplace, we work with seriously ill children and their families. Since we meet people who have had their daily lives upended, it is important that we who work at Ronald McDonald House have experience of working with children and families. My Early Years Education studies have been truly valuable as I studied both pedagogy and psychology, which I have use for in my profession today”, Sara explains.

During the course of the programme, you acquire knowledge about what it is like to work with different individuals, that it is important to meet people on their terms, and how crucial it is that you and your colleagues work together, as a team.

“It’s important to have an understanding of the fact that we all have different needs and experiences. Working as a team requires that you learn to see and appreciate your colleagues’ strengths and that you make the most of these to do good work together. This knowledge is something that I bring with me when I meet families who are struggling”, Sara continues.

The programme has provided Sara with knowledge about what is required in the teacher profession and she has developed on a personal level, and gotten to know plenty of new people.

“My studies have provided me with knowledge and experience that I will have use for in many different workplaces and professions. I know that the programme I studied will always be highly beneficial for me when I apply for a job. Getting an education involves personal development, establishing new contacts and a new social network”, Sara continues.

One can easily think that the teacher education is aimed only at those who want to work in school, but that is not the case. Sara means that it is a programme through which you acquire knowledge that can be useful in many different profesions.

“I had the idea that the teacher education was only meant for those who wanted to work in school, but today I work together with several trained pre-school teachers who have chosen another path. Everything from sibling support at the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund and pedagogues in child rehabilitation and open pre-school, to myself who chose to work at a home for children who need specialist care. I love my work because I get so much in return. I can confidently say that I am where I am today thanks to the teacher education”, Sara concludes.