Daniel alumni from Linnaeus University

Alumni story: Daniel loves every day at sea

Daniel was at a stage in his life where he thought about what he wanted to work with in the future and decided that he likes it best when he is at sea. Therefore, he applied to the Nautical Science Programme. Today, he works on a ship that transports technology for wind turbines

“After graduating, I did a one-month internship on the product tanker Saturnus. After signing off, I had planned to take some time off, but after one week I received a phone call and was offered a temporary post on the product tanker Evinco. After that, I got an offer to work as captain on Dessi here in Kalmar. That was perfect considering my family situation at the time. During the summer season, I transported people across Kalmar Strait. Today, I work on the ship Defender and transport technology for wind turbines”, says Daniel.

Daniel enjoys life at sea and it is an eventful profession. No two days are the same, which is exciting.

“I would not have gotten this job if I had not studied the Nautical Science Programme, and I love every day at sea. No two days are the same and I have a lot of responsibility. My days start on the hotel boat in the wind turbine park. We then wait for the shift change and for the CTV (crew transfer vessel) to get permission to dock next to the hotel boat. Once the crew members have completed the shift change, the cargo is lowered with a crane and then the technicians who are heading out to the wind turbines board the vessel. We then make sure that everyone is onboard and that everyone has the correct information concerning to what wind turbine they are going. When this is completed, we establish the order in which we will drop them off and head out. In between, we do maintenance work and administration”, Daniel continues.

Daniel is pleased about his choice of studies and recommends everyone who enjoys being at sea to apply to the programme.

“I’m impressed by the content of the programme and the fact that the teachers are so knowledgeable. I’ve never regretted applying to the Nautical Science Programme. I had an amazing time during my studies with really nice course mates and fantastic teachers, and I love my life at sea”, Daniel concludes.