Balloon Head: Iran’s Constitutional Revolution Reconfigured

Digital exhibition celebrates 18th April – International Day for Monuments and Sites

UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures is holding an online exhibition entitled “Balloon Head: Iran’s Constitutional Revolution Reconfigured” to celebrate 18th April, The International Day for Monuments and Sites. The current year’s theme is “Complex pasts: Diverse futures”.

The artist Ali Roustaeeyanfard in his eight paintings of Balloon head collection has tried to revive the forgotten diversity of one of the most important contemporary historical events of Western Asia, says Dr Leila Papoli-Yazdi* who is curating the exhibition.

My hope is to revive the forgotten heritage and history of voiceless people in order to fulfil their original dream of achieving freedom and progress through the Revolution, says the artist Ali Roustaeeyanfard.

By adding colourful anachronistic details to the original motifs of the photographs his work depicts unimagined futures and the need to re-narrate the past in every present, comments Cornelius Holtorf, Professor of Archaeology and holder of the UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures

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*Dr Leila Papoli-Yazdi is a member of the UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures at Linnaeus University. She researches the dirty heritage of modern civilization; garbage, waste, and consumption — particularly to develop novel methods towards environmental and social sustainability in the future.