Lina Lindell

Hi there Lina Lindell, and congratulations to seed funds from EUniWell!

Nine projects were recently granted funds from EUniWell’s second seed funding. One of these is coordinated by Lina Lindell at the School of Business and Economics.

Lina, what’s the project about?
“It’s about introducing a concept for well-being within tourism, a concept with which we are already working in an EU project. The concept is based on sustainability and also takes well-being into account, on both individual and societal level.

You are already collaborating with Germany, Denmark, Poland, and Lithuania in the project you are working with. Now you will get even more collaboration partners.

“Yes, we will start collaborating also with the universities in Florence, Nantes, and Birmingham. Our focus will be to identity common research interests within well-being tourism and opportunities for student exchange between the higher education institutions”.

What does it mean for you to be granted seed funding?

“It feels good and honouring that we have been chosen. It is essential to receive seed funding in order to run this project at the participating universities and to create good conditions for networking that can help us create something bigger”.

“I also think it’s important and exciting that we get to join EUniWell at an early stage, so that we can join in and contribute to the creation of a healthy and sustainable society”.

I understand that you have been invited to give a lecture at one of our partners within EUniWell?

“Yes, this summer University of Florence organises a summer course on which I will give a lecture on well-being and entrepreneurship in tourism”.

Lina also takes the opportunity to invite others from Linnaeus University to join the project:

“Anyone who is interested in well-being from different perspectives, like, for instance, nature, society, economy, physically, mentally, or spiritually are welcome to contact me. If it can be linked to tourism, that’s even better”.

“We will also arrange a number of seminars during the year, and everyone is welcome to take part in these. So, keep an eye open, or contact us if you would like to contribute with your research.

More about EUniWell’s seed funding

The projects that have been granted seed funding are:

  • Materials Science for Wellness (MaterialWell), contact: Ian Nicholls.

  • Migration and diversity in European cities: Interdisciplinary multi-sited summer school (MADEINEUROPE), contacts: Jesper Johansson, Philip Lalander, and Ellen Parsland.

  • Well-be Intercomprhension, contact: Mirka Kans.

  • Urbanity and Well-Being: Co-Designing an Authentic Teaching Approach, no Linnaeus University participant.

  • Being an inclusive university for refugee students: concepts, methods and tools, contacts: Alastair Creelman and Elin Lindkvist.

  • Mental Health Literacy among students and The Mental Health Symposium: Exploring and Enhancing Mental Health Initiative and Resources, contacts: Lina Lindell and Soniya Billore.

  • Advancing understanding of well-being tourism, drawing upon the European biocultural heritage (Advancing Well-being), contact: Lina Lindell.

  • Ciciv Leadership to improve Social Well-Being – Embedding innovative & intercultural civic leadership approaches in Enterprise Education, contacts: Soniya Billore, Miguel Salinas, and Peter Lerman.

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