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How your organization can take advantage of the technology with digital twins

Would you like to be able to create a model of all parts of your organisation and simulate and analyse it, to assess and optimize the organization? Welcome to investigate how you best can benefit by using the new technology called digital twin of the organization.

  • Can your organization access and  analyse data and information in real-time, and implement changes based on knowledge-based, customized decision support?
  • Does your organization see the benefits of digitizing your production?
  • Does your organization have a strategy and sufficient knowledge to implement a digitalization?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then we want to collaborate with you to investigate your organization's specific challenges and understand how your organization can make the best use of the technology called digital twin of the organization; DTO. 

Challenges and needs

At Linnaeus University, we've done research in the DTO field for some time. A tangible example of the research and collaboration we do is the Aligning Architectures for Digital Twin of the Organization (Aladino) project.

Introducing a DTO in development, production, and products is a major challenge. You need to understand the challenges and needs of DTO. Several companies have just started using a DTO or a similar technology. Some have come a long way; others consider the first steps.

The market often offers solutions that require a lot of adaptation. Thus, they have difficulties in managing adaptations to and changes in the underlying processes and resources. This contributes to the image that digitization is a slow, resource-intensive and costly process, with uncertain both short-term and long-term gains. Several companies look for solutions that enable them to gradually introduce DTO technologies. Solutions that also let them refine, improve, and develop them themselves according to changing needs and conditions.

A forum for experiences and questions

We want to leverage your knowledge, your challenges, and your experiences in various activities. Among other things, we plan to create a forum where stakeholders can share experiences, discuss issues and expectations about DTO technologies.

We hope this is of interest for you! Please register your and your company's or organization's interest by filling in this form.

More about digital twin of the organization

Digitization is a major challenge for all producing companies. Internet of things (IoT) and data-driven technology create the conditions for a fourth industrial revolution. This means that production resources are equipped with more sensors and connected to other resources, systems, and employees in the business-critical production systems.

A digital twin of the organization is a technology for gathering an organization's data, information, and knowledge in models that reflect the state of the development and production process at all times. The models can be analysed continuously in real-time and constitute decision support for, for example, an optimization of the organization.

A DTO can simplify changes in the organization's development and production processes, for example facilitate the work of identifying remedial and preventive measures. Proponents of DTO technology claim that it makes it easier for organizations to innovate and change, and in that way contribute positively to the organization's sustainability.